Customer Policy

Our commitment to you

TeanStuff will provide high quality tea products and service. Our staff will share their tea experience and advice and make it an easy, simple pleasure to deal with us.
We will follow up requests and deliver on promises. We will fully disclose all terms and conditions, any fees and charges that are payable and state our obligations. Here are some purchase guidelines. We welcome feedback of any type as it helps us evaluate if we are meeting our customers’ expectations and if not allows us to work out how we could improve.

Before you purchase from us

TeanStuff want you to be satisfied with your purchase. To help avoid disappointment or misunderstanding, it’s great to follow these tips when purchasing from us;
• Know the product or follow our recommendation
• Know the shipping costs
• Know the delivery times
• Check invoice
• Check all information given
• Record transaction details

We do not store credit card information for any purchases made on the website. Only customers shipping and billing address are used to deliver goods. Credit card information is handled by a trusted authority with a secure infrastructure designed to keep customers payment information secure and confidential.

After purchase from us

Even with the best intentions, things can sometimes go wrong. When something does go wrong, or you believe your concern is reasonable please phone or email us so we can try to resolve it. Good communication creates good outcomes.

Good outcomes

When your complaint is reasonable, our policy states the product will be either replaced or a refund provided. This will be decided on a case by case basis to ensure the best possible outcome.